Mommy in Los Angeles website

Working with @mommyinlosangeles has been an honor! I always say that any project, any idea, any vision that comes my way is because God send it to me.  She had this awesome idea 💡 and I couldn't be any happier to help her make this happen. 

With Mommy in Los Angeles project I took a different approach. At the beginning I was going to completely design a website for her, but as soon as she got her @squarespace account she started doing a lot of things by herself, and I was there to support.  How? I was available for her at any time of the day except for some days when I was already asleep or I was at the movie theater. But for the most part, I was there to provide any answers she needed.  She did great learning and asking questions.  I decided to send her some videos to answer questions that she had.  I believe that the videos help a lot and if she wants to reference them she can go back to the videos instead of looking for typed answers.  

I feel so proud of her for starting this project and putting so much work into this website.  I see many people coming to her site to read her stories that are so interesting.  Stories that inspire everyone!

I'm sure that Mommy in Los Angeles is and will continue to be one of the best magazines where visitors just like you and me will find valuable information.  

I'm bless to be part of this project! Thank you!


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