Celebrating Motherhood


I been wanting to take photos with my daughter, and I envision a big printed photo of us hugging each other and smiling.  My mom wants a photo of the four of us; hanging on the wall of our living room.  I thought to myself, why not create a photo session where you can be photograph with your children, and parents.  Or maybe you don't have children, but your mom wants a photo with you and your siblings? For this photo session you could do the following: 

1. Mom and children

2. Mom, dad and children

3. Mom, dad, children and 2 grandparents.

Is up to you how you want to do it.  For $110 you get:

  • 25 Minutes with me photographing your family
  • Cute decor with soft pinks and whites 
  • As many combinations and poses we can create
  • Printed images (1) 11x14 (2) 5x7 
  • 10 Digital Images 

I'm really excited about this sessions because not only it will be at MaterniFit in Whittier, a big and beautiful studio, but because of the images and memories that we are going to create for you and your family. 

soooo, what do you say? yess? will you join me?